illustration & multimedia



• What does ohprcr stand for?
It’s an abbreviation of my old username ohprocrastinator!

• How do you pronounce it?
I honestly don’t know HAHA but it’s mostly oh-p-r-c-r!

• Are you self taught?
Mostly yes, I've been drawing since I was a child and I took art & design major in college.


Here are a small guide about permission to use my art. I would really appreciate it if you could reblog or retweet my original post instead of reposting them on your account.

✔ Okay✖ Not Okay
Using my fanart for personal social media icon/header with creditReposting my fanart and original art on other platform under your account
Using my fanart for device wallpaperUsing my fanart and original art for video edits (TikTok, reels) and Wattpad cover
Printing my fanart for personal use in small quantity (wall deco, journaling, etc)Using my original art in any form without permission


• Do you have an online store?
I have my art prints up on INPRNT and digital zines up on Payhip!

• Are you open for commission?
My personal commissions are currently closed, but thank you so much for taking interest! For commercial projects, feel free to contact me for discussions.


• What drawing tablet do you use?
I use small One by Wacom tablet (CTL-472) and iPad Pro 11" 2020.

• What program do you use to do digital art?
I mainly use Photoshop CC, Procreate, and a bit of Clip Studio Paint.

• What program do you use to make animation?
Mostly Procreate for frame-by-frame animations (but other programs usually have this function as well) and After Effects for the motion and compositing!

• Do you mind sharing some of your brushes?
I mainly use Darek Zabrocki and Helen Chen’s brushes for Photoshop and Diana Marmol, Georg, Jingsketch, and MaxPacks brushes for Procreate! I also import most of my Photoshop brushes to Procreate.

• Do you have any tips for digital art?
I have some archive of my process here and a few speedpaints on my IGTV, hope this helps!

• What tool do you use to color traditional art?
Koi Watercolor Sketch Field Box (24 color)
Holbein watercolor (pastel colors)

• What kind of brush pen do you use?
I mostly use any black brush pen with sturdy tip, my favs include Pentel brush and sign pen, Kuretake, Tombow Fudenosuke, and Uni Pin brush pen!

• What kind of sketchbook do you use?
I mostly use unbranded sketchbook I can find at local bookstore